Why I started Caring About Politics

I have never been that interested in politics but lately politics has been become more interesting than watching any type of reality TV I can catch on any channel.

There were bomb threats where the president is blaming the Democrats and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans then was a man that went into a synagogue of the Tree of Life a Jewish synagogue and killed people and you have to wonder what is going on in politics because they also claim that the shooter hated the president and I don’t see how if you hate the president you go and shoot up a Jewish synagogue.

So I decided that I’m going to get into watching Politics as an observer because you never really understand if your vote really is mattering and if your vote really is counting I mean I watch a lot of documentaries I read a lot of books and I know that the state I live in Texas is very known for gerrymandering and is known for pushing up votes the way that they want it to go.

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