Politics or a Soap Opera Vindman Spy with a purple heart?

When I was younger my mother loved watching soap operas. All my children and General Hospital were some of her favorites. There was always a crazy twist that would happen. On All My Children one of the most shocking plot twists had to be when Erica Kane had her “abortion”. Later on the program it was revealed that the fetus was transferred into Dr. Madden, so the child was in fact born and grew up. It was also revealed that Josh was Erica’s son and the two became very close.

On General Hospital one of the most shocking plot twists had to involve Emily Quartermaine and her remarkable cured cancer. They had Emily unconscious dreaming about her friend Nikolas Cassadine and him kissing her. When she wakes up she is cured of her breast cancer. Magic right? And a pretty shocking twist.

So you can understand that soaps are meant for plot twist and turns, but not politics and our government. So you can understand why I was flabbergasted when John Yoo basically called Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman in not so many words a spy. I found that very hard to watch.

Americans know that Vindman has received a purple heart and find it hard to believe he was involved in “espionage”. This has turned unbelievable.

Of course President Donald Trumps that Vandmin was on the call at all.

It’s really hard to believe the media or the President. Why is this happening was governing the country not exciting enough that we needed all this drama to have Americans tune in.

The trust is completely gone between American citizens and the President. This is something the President will never admit even when a crowd boos him and chants “lock him up” he will try to keep a smile.

Accusing a Purple Heart recipient of espionage is crazy and enough drama for a reality tv show.

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